Control your apps in one place

Elevate your app development process across all device types with simple remote configuration, personalized messaging, and integrated metrics. Operate it on-premise or on the cloud.

Stay in control even after shipping

Simplified app configuration

From remote updates to targeted user messages or simple metric collection, we got you covered.

Remote configuration

Seamless adjustment of you app's settings, features, and functionalities and enhance user experience.

Targeted messages

Tailored experiences and updates relevant to your users. Leverage your data and boost your engagement.

Streamlined metrics

Capture and visualize real-time user data with simplicity

Simple yet fast API

Easy API integration and low latency.

Easy-to-use dashboard

No need to dig, everything is on one place and easy to find.

Import / export configurations

Import and export JSON, XML, and other media type files.

Get notified when the beta is ready

Tower is currently under development, but we'll let you know once it is ready!

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